FCC Certified New Lenovo Android Tablet ‘TB-X704Y’

A Lenovo-made tablet bearing the model number TB-X704Y was ensured by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) a week ago, with the gadget being seen in variously related testing records distributed by the office on Friday.

Possible Features Of Lenovo Android Tablet ‘TB-X704Y’

The posting doesn’t determine the tablet’s correct measurements, however, one of its outlines that can be found in the exhibition demonstrating the correct separation between the item name and edge of its back board which recommends that the TB-X704Y is around 120mm tall, intensely alluding to an 8-inch show board. Moreover, this specific model number likewise showed up in the database of versatile benchmarking instrument Geekbench in mid-May, having been recorded as donning 2GB of RAM. Perceiving how the Tab 4 8 Plus is set to dispatch with 4GB of RAM, Lenovo either changed its item marking framework or the recently ensured gadget is the Tab 4 8, with the last situation being a great deal more probable.

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The TB-X704Y additionally bolsters the Dolby Atmos encompass sound innovation, as uncovered by the previously mentioned name. Moreover, the tablet was recorded by the FCC as supporting Bluetooth 4.2 and pressing a 7,000mAh non-removable battery, however that specific cell limit speaks to an inconsistency concerning what Lenovo said in regards to its forthcoming Tab 4 8 arrangement, with both gadgets being said to highlight 4,850mAh units. It’s conceivable that the tech mammoth picked to expand the battery limit of the gadget as a sub-5,000mAh cell can scarcely guarantee better than expected battery life, however, that presently can’t seem to be affirmed.


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